Summer weather tips

It looks like it’s going to be a scorcher for some of us this week, wonderful for our bbqs but not so good if you’re looking after a little one ... Read more

Eczema and dry skin

Eczema and dry skin is something that many babies suffer from, it’s uncomfortable, sometimes painful and leaves your little one with patches of irritated, cracked dry skin. Here are some ... Read more

Travelling with your little ones

With Easter approaching you may be thinking of going away, or travelling to see family and friends. While the idea of a break is very appealing, the thought of travelling ... Read more

What order do baby teeth appear in?

All babies are different but here’s a rough guide to how babies’ teeth usually emerge: By the time they are 2 to 3 years old most children will have all ... Read more

Blackout blinds

It might seem like a strange time of year to talk about black out blinds as the mornings are still fairly dark but now is a great time to start ... Read more

White noise

White noise can be really good for creating a good sleeping environment for your little one, but you do need to use it correctly for it to be helpful. To ... Read more

Have I left it too late to improve my child’s sleep?

This is a question I get asked a lot, often parents say to me that they think they’ve left it too late to improve their little ones sleep. I have ... Read more

The Ferber method explained

I was asked by mybump2baby to feature in an expert article on the Ferber method. This infamous method still forms the basis of a lot of sleep training today. Most ... Read more


Love them or hate them, people often have strong views on dummies! I find dummies a very helpful tool when babies are little and I used them with both my ... Read more

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