Bonfire night

Category: Special challenges


Bonfire night

Category: Special challenges

Most of us enjoy bonfire night! For me it’s the proper start of Autumn, time get get out your big coat and enjoy the fireworks. But it isn’t fun when you’ve got a little baby who might wake up with the noise. You don’t always know when fireworks are going to happen, either. To help with this a good solution is using white noise in your little ones’ room at night. 

White noise is great for bonfire night!

The best way to cover up outside noise is to use white noise in your baby’s room. To use white noise successfully it needs to be uninterrupted and constant throughout the night. So no gaps in the noise and the same noise all night. So put it on before you say goodnight to your little one and leave it on until they get up. (This is really important). 

The first night you use white noise, put it on not too loudly and leave it at that level all night. This is to get your little one used to it. Then turn it up each night a little until you get to the level you want it at. To gauge how loud it should be, think about how loud your shower is, it’s a good indicator of how loud the white noise should go. To stop using the white noise just do this in reverse, turning it down gradually over a few nights until you can’t hear it anymore. 

You can get white noise machines which are good but make sure they play continuously. Some turn off after 20 minutes, or come back on when the baby stirs, I can’t tell you how unhelpful they are! Using an app on an old phone or tablet is an option, just make sure the noise is constant. I like the ‘sound sleeper’ app, here’s the link.

A nice sound ‘rain noise’. For a few pounds, it’ll stay on all night. What we need is a consistent sound, heart beats and ocean waves have gaps of quiet in between the sound. This means they’re not helpful for covering outside noise. 

You can carry on using white noise for a few days or many people use it all the time. I hope that helps your little ones sleep through. 

Enjoy bonfire night! 

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