Would you love to turn your baby’s sleep around?

My Sleep Packages will stop the multiple night wakes and improve naps and bedtimes. All without cry-it-out.

Are you looking for a sleep solution that ‘feels right’ for you and your little one? That addresses the sleep issues your family is facing and gets life back to where you want it to be?

Your family could all be sleeping better in just a weeks time.

We’ll address all these sleep issues;

  • Difficult bedtimes
  • Waking in the night
  • Unwanted co-sleeping
  • Early waking
  • Poor daytime naps
  • Feeding to sleep
  • Unwanted sleep associations
  • Cot-to-bed transitions
  • Difficult toddler bedtimes and night-waking

Are you ready to start improving your little ones’ sleep?

Choose the package that works for you:

The bronze sleep package 
A full assessment of your child's sleep. 1 hour online sleep consultation with me via zoom. Bespoke sleep plan emailed to you. If you'd then like a support call it's £50 or an email question is £30.
The silver sleep package
A full assessment of your child's sleep. 1 hour online sleep consultation. Bespoke sleep plan emailed to you. Three weeks email support. 1 30 minute support calls.
The gold sleep package £350 A full assessment of your child's sleep. 1.5 hour online sleep consultation. Bespoke sleep plan emailed to you. Four weeks email / Whatsapp support. 4 half hour support calls and a a 20 min finishing up call.
The platinum sleep package A full assessment of your child's sleep. 1.5 hour online sleep consultation. Bespoke sleep plan emailed to you. Six weeks email / Whatsapp support. 6 half hour support calls and a a 30 min finishing up call.
Home Visits in person overnight support. Available in Kent and South East London £500 A full assessment of your child's sleep and sleep space One night of overnight sleep support in your home An email sleep plan 6 weeks follow up support via phone and WhatsApp You can book me for up to 4 nights
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I can support you via email, WhatsApp, zoom, or phone, great for questions or to get my advice.

  • You’ll have a plan tailored to your baby
  • You’ll be able to support your baby as they learn their sleep skills.
  • There’s no cry-it-out.
  • You can still feed in the night if you would like to.
  • You won’t have to stop breastfeeding.
  • There’s no judgment. Just friendly support to put things right.
  • Available for babies from 6 months old to children 7 years

I use my own 10-Stage Sleep Plan and gentle sleep solutions to address the issues your little one is having and gently move them to good solid sleep, at night and during the day, with no ‘cry it out’.

I’ll assess your child’s sleep and find the reasons behind their wake-ups and poor sleep, and then we’ll address the problems and how to solve them.

How will we achieve good sleep?

I use proven methods based on the science of sleep, and during your online consultation, we’ll tailor the Sleep Plan so that it’s perfect for your baby or child. You’ll be able to decide if you’d like to give a feed in the night, and how soon you’ll work on naps. I’ll address any problems you’re having with unwanted sleep associations, we’ll improve naps and bedtimes, and early wakes.

As you move your little one through the Sleep Plan you’ll support your baby as they learn the art of self-settling and good sleep.

The Platinum Package

All of my packages are gentle, but some babies take to change better than others.

If you’d like to slowly change your baby’s sleep, we can work together and take our time with this package.

We’ll have a 1-2-1 consultation and discuss everything

Your Sleep Plan will be emailed to you,

You’ll have 6 weeks of WhatsApp support with me

And 6 support calls via phone or zoom to take when you’re ready. You’ll have priority to my diary.

A 20-minute finishing-up call.

What will sleep look like after working with me:

Bedtime will be straightforward and your little one will be able to self-settle to sleep, meaning you’ll be able to say goodnight and leave the room.

Most little ones will sleep through the night and they’ll be able to resettle themselves if they do wake

You’ll still be able to give your baby a feed in the night if you’d like to.

You’ll have improved naps, but you won’t be tied to the house.

Ready to start your sleep journey?

Who am I?

I’m Cate a qualified infant sleep consultant with over 30 years experience in childcare. I’ve always loved children and knew I wanted to work with them, I started by training as an NNEB nanny at college, once qualified I worked as a nanny, in day nurseries, and then had 2 little lovelies of my own.

My first baby, Charlie, fell into a lovely routine during the day, but not at night. For years he woke every night without fail, sometimes for hours on end, and although I was a trained nanny I was completely out of my depth.

I quickly started doing anything I could in the night to get him back to sleep, feeding him, rocking him, taking him into my bed- anything to get the maximum amount of sleep possible. It was so tough and it didn’t improve over time.

Sleep consultants weren’t really a thing then, so we got through it.

Eventually of course Charlie grew into a teenager and then I couldn’t get him out of bed 🙂

But I’ll never forget the awful sluggishness that a lack of sleep gives you and the shadowed days just trying to make it through.

I’ve been there, and I can help.

Later, I became a night nanny, increasing my interest in baby’s sleep. I understood exhausted parents and how difficult lack of sleep makes everything. When I became a qualified sleep consultant in 2017 with MNT I felt I had found my vocation. I then trained with Linsday Hookway at BabyEm in 2019 and updated my qualifications again in 2023 with The Sleep Consultant Academy.

If you’re ready to start your sleep journey with a baby and child sleep expert who understands, book a discovery call– there’s no judgment here, just friendly support to put things right.

Cate Hope sleep consultant