Our Bronze Sleep Package

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Our Bronze Sleep Package is good if you’d like advice that is tailored to your baby but you don’t need my ongoing support.

By working with me you’ll learn how to teach your child the art of good sleep. With my advice, you’ll teach your little one to self-settle to sleep, and sleep through the night.

Your Sleep Plan will guide your little one to good sleep. There’s no cry it out and the plan addresses any unwanted sleep associations.

You won’t have to stop breastfeeding, and you can still feed in the night if you would like to.

Naps and wake windows

Some babies don’t nap easily, and need help to learn how to nap in their cots. I can give guidance with naps and daytime sleep helping you to get your wake windows right. You won’t need to put your baby on a strict schedule if you work with me, but I will help you find the right balance for your baby.

  • 1 hour Online Sleep Consultation with me, via Zoom
  • Bespoke Sleep Plan emailed to you


If in the future you’d like a follow up Zoom call it’s £50 for half an hour, or if you’d like an email chat it’s £30.

There’s no extra cost for twins, triplets or multiples.

Or if you’d like to be able to check in with me to get my advice and support while you carry out your Sleep Plan try my

Silver Sleep Package

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