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Before turning to Cate, we had our reservations about sleep training. In hindsight, the key was to find the right person and right approach: in our case, Cate. By the time we turned to her, our daughter was more than a year old and was still waking every 2 hours at night, only settling by being fed. We thought that changing this habit would be a nightmare but with Cate’s help, it took us only three nights to teach her how to sleep through the night. We couldn’t believe it!

Cate didn’t just give us the ‘textbook’ answers about what we should do but she really wanted to understand our situation, the personality of our daughter and our goals, and she tailored her advice to these. She gave us a range of options so that we could finetune the plan depending on how things go, and we really valued this pragmatic and flexible approach.

Cate is clearly very experienced which comes across immediately at the consultation. She listens attentively and gives clear explanations for all her suggestions, and her kind and cheerful personality put us at ease straight away. We also valued her responsiveness and the detail and clarity of the plan she prepared for us. We won’t hesitate to recommend Cate to others.


My wife and I absolutely recommend Cate to anyone whose baby is struggling with sleep (we have already given Cate’s details to a number of friends!)

Before Cate came, our baby was waking up between 5-10 times a night on average – on her worst night she woke every 45 minutes. Since Cate stayed with us 4 weeks ago Chloe has been sleeping for 10-11 hour stretches with no wakes. It’s a miracle!

The impact Cate has made on our 7 month old baby’s sleeping is incredible. Our baby is so much happier and content now she is getting the sleep she needs (and we are both so much happier, too.)

Cate has been amazing from start to finish (chats pre training/ chats and support during training/ help and support post training) – there is nothing more we could have asked for. Cate always puts Chloes happiness as her number 1 priority, she treats her like she was her own and makes all recommendations based on what is best for Chloe. Hiring Cate to help with Chloes sleep has been the best decision we have made since becoming new parents. We couldn’t recommend her more highly. Thank you so much x

Hannah and Sebastian Hesketh
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We are so grateful to Cate for working with us to get our son sleeping through the night. At 7 months he was still waking several times a night and he much preferred to co-sleep than to stay in his cot. Cate came up with a sleep plan specially tailored to his then current behaviours so we felt confident when we began the training that it would tackle each issue that we needed to sort out. Sleep training can be daunting but we had the option of a gentle approach for the first night – we took this and it eased us into the process as much as it did him.

Within a couple of days he was sleeping through and we had never thought it possible before! Cate’s email support to iron out any little issues afterwards was so helpful and much appreciated. I would recommend Cate to anyone who wants to help their little one learn the valuable skills of self-settling and sleeping through. Her approach is kind but effective and we’ve been thrilled with the results! Thank you so much

Sián Baker

Cate is brilliant and I fully recommend her! Having already helped with our older son, this time I asked for help with getting our 7 month old back into a routine after a 2-month hiatus, and to help him sleep for longer at night. I’m really pleased that now I know when we should be feeding and sleeping, and our baby has been much easier to look after since then. Cate is full of wise advice and helpful suggestions. Well worth every penny!

Clare Menor

Cate is incredible. When we contacted her our little boy was waking up hourly throughout the night and had to be held to sleep always. Cate’s experience and advice is invaluable and enabled us to get him sleeping through the night within a really short amount of time, with very very little crying (I’m talking a few mins max). I can’t believe this time last week I’d not slept more than 2 hours at a time in 5 months and yesterday I slept for 8!

I’d highly recommend Cate to anyone who’s having issues with their little ones sleep.

Charlotte S

Well, what can I say?Our son was a frequent night waker as most babies are, this was fine to a point but I knew we’d gotten to a point where he was just waking out of habit rather than the need for anything and I found it impossible to break the cycle.

I was very hesitant to use a sleep consultant. Like all Mums I want to make sure my baby is comforted and getting everything he needs from us including night feeds and cuddles when needed and I worried using a sleep consultant we’d be told we couldn’t provide any comfort. But, in the desperation of needing some more sleep a friend recommended I speak to Cate. So I did.

Cate instantly put me at ease, and tailored a plan to ensure it was gentle and at a level comfortable to me and my son. There were things in the original plan that were then changed as we went to adapt to both my son’s needs and also my caregiving style.

She’s been incredibly patient and responsive with every query and email I’ve sent, always calling me to talk something through if she knew I was particularly worried about anything.

The result? Our son has been ‘sleeping through the night’ since day 2 of working with Cate and we haven’t looked backed. His naps and early waking took a bit longer as I wanted to go a much gentler route but with all the right sleep foundations in place he now sleeps until 7am and has 2 good naps a day.

Cate has been nothing but kind and supportive throughout. I’d highly recommend anyone just asks for a chat if like me you’re needing help but are worried about whether a consultant is the right answer.

Thanks Cate, for getting my sleep back and helping me ensure my son has a good night’s sleep!

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Cate is THE most kind and compassionate person I have ever come across. I had a 6 month old little girl that was waking every 2 hours and was taking an hour a time to get back to sleep. That has all changed now and it’s like I have a different baby. This lady has worked miracles and has quite easily changed my life. I’ll forever be in her debt. Thank you so much Cate 💖💞

Ashley wheal 

Cate is one of the loveliest, caring, heart warming people I have met. You instantly feel like you’ve known her your whole life. She came in to help with Freya and she has changed our world. Couldn’t have done it without her 100% recommend 💗💗💗

Victoria woodcock

Great experience with Cate. She was really supportive of making sure the approach was what we wanted and reassuring of our concerns. She was great with our reflux baby and very responsive to a last minute change in our circumstances. I’d highly recommend her to any sleep deprived parents out there!

Alice Patel

Cate is amazing! She came to see us when our 5 month old was waking pretty much every 45 mins at night. We were feeding him to sleep mostly but that didn’t always work and sometimes he’d take up to an hour to go off again. In the day he would only sleep when being walked out in the pram so we’d walk for miles in the hope that sleep begets sleep! We were finding things really tough and our son was grumpy and unhappy too. 

Cate spent 4 nights with him using comforting techniques so he could settle himself happily. It has changed our lives! I would recommend Cate to everyone. She is so reassuring and great with the baby. She gives confidence in continuing her techniques which we have implemented ever since when things get bumpy. Our son now consistently sleeps 11-12 hours at night and is a dream to put to bed. 

Thank you Cate!

Hannah Perris

Cate helped us with our 6 month old who was waking multiple times at night and only having 30minute naps during the day – we were at breaking point. I was apprehensive about having someone come to our home and if she would even be able to help! But Cate is such a kind and compassionate person and was a joy to work with.

She really put my family and I at ease with her calm and confident manner. Within 4 days she had performed miracles and our son was able to sleep through the night and was having much longer and regular naps during the day. He was a much happier baby with the right amount of night time sleep and naps and we were MUCH happier parents. We honestly cannot thank Cate enough, she literally changed our lives for the better and we will forever be thankful for her help.

Veryan Pettigrew

I cannot recommend Cate enough. She is experienced in all avenues of baby care but is an absolute gem in helping to sleep train babies to go through the night without waking.

Stephanie Currall (titch)
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I contacted Cate on a recommendation from a friend of mine as I was really struggling with my 4 month old and I am so glad I did. We naively thought all babies would sleep like our first and when our little boy came along, we were in for a rude awakening! I was spending hours at a time trying to get him to sleep both at night and for naps only for him to wake 20 minutes later. It was exhausting and frustrating and just not practical with another toddler to take care of.

With Cate’s help and support, he now naps consistently throughout the day and he is so easy to put down at night and wakes far less frequently. Thanks to Cate, we have created the foundations for good sleep practices and things are continuing to improve. Absolutely recommend!

Nicola Moloney 

Cate has been a huge help to us, I thoroughly recommend her. At 4 months my little girl was waking 4+ times a night and only napping for 20 minutes at a time in the day. Cate supported us for a month (remotely) and both day and night sleep has improved dramatically, 3 regular naps a day and far far fewer wake ups at night! If anyone is wondering whether or not to try it with an under 6 month old, I would say not to hesitate!

Charlotte Sutton

Cate is the most brilliant night nanny and I heartily recommend her to everyone. She transformed our lives! Our son was 13months when she visited for a week, by the end of which, he was sleeping through and didn’t need breastfeeding. I couldn’t have done that without Cate as I am the sole carer of our son, and I was  exhausted!

Afterwards I was able to gradually cease breastfeeding completely. He has slept through pretty much ever since she visited, and the great thing about Cate is that she was so supportive, especially after her visit. She is still really helpful about how to adjust daytime naps to get better sleep too. Definitely worth it!

Clare Simmonds Menor

What an incredible experience we had. I cannot oversell it when I say it really has changed our lives! I was getting about 4 hours of sleep a night over three shifts and within a week our son was sleeping through! Cate was wonderfully supportive, encouraging, informative, and experienced. I felt totally at ease with her in our home and trusted that she was very caring towards my son to help him feel supported through the process of sleep training. I would highly recommend Cate to anyone needing help to get their little ones into better habits! It was a huge learning experience for me too and have benefited from Cate’s wonderful guidance. I cannot recommend enough! 

Jodie and her 10 month old son

I was put in contact with Cate and felt at ease straight away. Cate called me to discuss my situation and immediately gave me hope that my son could potentially sleep through as he was waking 10-15 times per night. The initial 3 nights went very well and my son slept through on the 4th night. Although Cate offered continual support and guidance, due to illness and a holiday we slipped back into bad habits. I felt nervous asking Cate for further help but as soon as I did I knew it was the right thing. Cate came back a second time for an additional 2 nights and with close monitoring and amazing support, my son now mostly (only when he’s struggling with his teeth) sleeps through the night. I cannot thank Cate enough for giving me the gift of sleep.

Lola and her 6 month old son

We had a great consultation with Cate and decided to put her gentle sleep training methods to the test right away. Cate was super- really understood our motives and concerns in getting our daughters to sleep cracked. We’re lucky to have a darling 11-month-old but sleep has never been her strong suit! We’d done our best to battle on and hoped that she’d grow out of it but ultimately decided that her twice daily 30-minute naps and broken nights weren’t helping anyone.

We followed Cate’s recommendations and it took just over an hour for our daughter to settle with gentle sleep training methods. It was hard work but we just did our best to stay strong and remember that all that progress would be lost if we stopped (and it would be confusing for our baby, which ultimately wouldn’t be fair). On the second night, she took just 10 minutes to settle. On the third go, she went down with no fuss and slept 12 hours.

It was amazing! We felt buoyed by the knowledge that we had follow-up support from Cate throughout, which we’ve used regularly. Two months on from sleep training at 9 months old our daughter sleeps through the night and regularly takes a longer lunchtime nap. Cate has been great with all our questions -from early morning wake-ups to wake windows- and we felt so grateful for her calm, consistent and helpful approach.
A baby whisperer!

Steve and his 9 month old daughter

Cate was literally a lifesaver for us (we were about to lose our minds). Our 13-month-old slept for a total of 45 minutes at a time, only two hours in his cot, before moving into our bed and breastfeeding for the rest of the night. We had tried so many different methods to help him sleep alone and had given up, getting used to sleepless nights and overshadowed days. We had put off bringing in outside help as we didn’t want to resort to crying it out and were worried that we’d be told it was the only solution. 

​When Cate arrived our fears were immediately put to rest. Her experienced explanation of the process she would take (which supported our son so he never felt abandoned) and her calm and professional demeanor meant we knew we were in safe hands. 

Cate immediately went to work and improvements were made on the very first night and continued the four nights she was with us. One of the amazing points was her consideration for us as parents, she checked with us after every intervention to make sure we understood the process and were comfortable. Within four days our son was sleeping from 7.30 pm -5.30 am which was incredible!

Despite hiccups with teething, illness, and leaps since Cate’s visit we feel confident in what we should do to ensure we don’t undo the hard work she did for us. 

Best money I’ve spent since the birth of my son. 

Avalyn and her 13 month old son
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Cate recently came to our house and sleep trained our 7 1/2-month-old baby, I can honestly say it’s the best thing we have ever done!

From 4 days old our son has been a bad sleeper, the first 3 months he had colic and would only sleep on his dad or me. After 3 months we then managed to get him in his crib, he would sleep 3 or 4 hours and then wake for an hour or two before going back for some sleep, it didn’t last long though, he soon started waking up every hour and would only go to sleep in our bed, napping through the days had also become hard work and he would only have a 30-minute nap either cuddling into me or next to me.

I didn’t realise how bad his sleeping was until Cate asked me to take notes for a few days before she arrived and I was so shocked, our son was probably only getting on average about 9 hours a day, and my husband and I were much less, it was so bad that my mother in law and my mother would have our son once a week just so we could catch up on sleep. I felt helpless and feared this was only going to get worse. 

​Then we met Cate who changed all that! From our first conversation, I felt completely at ease, on first meeting her I was completely relaxed and positive in knowing she knew what she was doing. Our son took to her very quickly which only made things so much easier for us, the five nights went so quickly and we just can’t get over the difference.

Our son now sleeps from 8 pm until 6.30/7 am in his own bed, he does wake once or so during the night but settles himself in a matter of minutes, he also goes for naps in the day so much better and for an hour and a half each nap… it’s only been a week! My only regret is not getting in contact sooner! 

​Cate is a wonderful and passionate person and has completely turned things around, I can’t recommend Cate enough. 

Lorna and her 7 1/2 month old son

Cate is an absolute miracle worker. My 18-month-old was waking between 2 and 4 times each night for milk and I was at a loss as to how to get her to sleep through the night. We also had got into a bad habit of letting her nap in her bouncy chair and also used this for getting her to sleep at bedtime, which was starting to cause us problems if we were on holiday without the chair. 

​Cate was with us for four nights but by the third, my daughter was already sleeping through the night and going straight to sleep at nap time as soon as she was placed in her cot. 

Cate was brilliant at giving a summary of how each night went in the morning that followed, and she shared lots of techniques so I would feel confident taking over once she had left. Cate was extremely patient and caring at all times and used only very gentle sleep training methods. I only wish I had found Cate sooner, but I’m glad I can finally get more than 3 hours sleep in a row!

Gemma and her 18 month old daughter

I am writing this review as my one-year-old naps in his cot. Something he never did before we worked with Cate!! Our son had never been a great sleeper but we had muddled through hoping it would get better. We first worked with Cate when he was around 7 months. We’d been away to the states and the time difference had played havoc with his sleep. She came as a night nanny and helped give us a night off while also helping our little one to self-settle. We weren’t ready for sleep training at that stage and I was still happy to feed at night.

Cate was amazing. We felt comfortable having her in our home and she is so kind and gentle with babies. Just before his first birthday, sleep had become worse than ever after a bout of illness having recently started nursery. We had all been ill and had done whatever we could to get through the nights – resulting in a baby that was up for 3 hours in the middle of the night, wouldn’t go back in his cot, and was very restless sleeping in our bed. In short, nothing was working anymore and he clearly wasn’t getting the sleep he needed (and nor were we!)

It was time for sleep training and Cate was definitely the person for the job. She was patient, kind, and supportive. Our son did not make her job easy but we have continued what she put in place to get him sleeping through the night. The change has been huge for us with him settling to sleep nicely, staying in his cot all night, and no longer needing a bottle. He is also napping like a champ in his cot during the day.

To say it has been life-changing is not an understatement. We truly believe it has been the best thing for our son to learn how to go to sleep. We also feel that Cate has given us the confidence that we know what to do when he goes through periods of being unsettled again. Thank you Cate you are a superstar!

Emily and her one year old son

By the time my daughter turned 2, she had been taking a minimum of one hour of us in her bedroom with her to get to sleep and waking up multiple times, resulting in us bringing her into our bed at some ungodly hour just so we could get some shut-eye. after 8 months of this enough was enough and I found Cate through a recommendation. 

​Cate stayed with us for 1 night implementing a much kinder technique and approach to sleep training than a previous sleep consultant we had when our daughter was a baby. within a couple of nights our daughter was getting herself off to sleep and by a week she was sleeping through. 

​From our initial conversation until weeks after Cate stayed with us, she has been extremely supportive and very quick to respond to all communications. I highly recommend Cate, don’t hesitate, sleep is worth its weight in gold for your child just as much as you!

Sophie and her two year old daughter

When our son Max was almost 2 years old he had trouble going to bed and was waking up 5 times a night on average. My husband and I had been trying to sleep train Max for months to no avail. As soon as Cate came over to sleep train Max she stopped him from using his dummy fuss-free and helped to significantly improve his sleep. 

​We liked Cate so much and were so impressed that we asked her to come back to be a night nanny for our newborn baby Jess. Having Cate around made life with a toddler and newborn baby much easier as it meant we had enough sleep to help us function better in the daytime. In addition, Cate gave us loads of advice and worked her magic- at 2 months of age, Jess is now sleeping beautifully in up to 9-hour stretches between feeds at night time!

​We would highly recommend Cate. Not only is she professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy but also a really lovely person to have around. 

Jo and her 2 year old son and newborn baby

We were always lucky with our little boy. Despite our worst fears of sleep-deprived nights, and our extensive reading about sleep, our son was a dream sleeper. 

​So at 18 months when he suddenly started to fight bedtime we were completely unprepared for it. There were nights where we would sit with him in his room for hours only for him to stay awake and wake early, we tried a short controlled crying method which could see us traipsing back and forth to his room for 3-4 hours some nights. We called a sleep consultant, got a plan of action in place and there seemed to be some progress for a while. But the bedtime battles often left us in tears and most nights our son went to bed upset, even if the tears only lasted a few minutes, which broke our hearts. 

​Just before he turned two, out of nowhere the bedtime battles came back with a vengeance and he started to wake in the night, every night, and sometimes 3 or 4 times or he could be up for hours. We implemented the same plan as we’d been using but it started to feel like we were on a course of madness rather than consistency, as if anything, things kept getting worse. Eventually one night we saw our son rocking in the corner of his cot holding his teddies sobbing. That was it. Whilst the advice might have been sound advice from someone we know is excellent at her job, clearly, it wasn’t working for us. 

​Cate came to our house a week later and was something akin to Mary Poppins walking in. She was calm, collected and so warm and understanding. The thing I loved about Cate was her honesty, her non-judgemental approach and the fact that she tailored her methods for our family. She worked with us to suggest a way forward that was gentle and would work for us and worked with our son, rather than against him. 

​Bedtimes became less intense and his night wakings shortened in length. We also got the benefit of her wisdom and advice and she empowered us and helped us feel more confident tackling the challenges we were having. 

​The following night after Cate left we had the most difficult night as our son woke up at 2 am and stayed up for hours! We stuck with the plan and stayed consistent and the following night and all that followed we saw improvements every single night. We couldn’t believe it when a couple of days later bedtime took just 6 minutes from the time we left his room to the time he was asleep! A week after Cate left, our little boy finally started to sleep through the night again and our home is quieter, happier, and rested at last! 

​Given our experience, I was so nervous to spend the money without any guarantee of success but it was, without doubt, the best investment we’ve made for our family. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cate to any family who’s struggling with poor sleep. She’s transformed our lives and I don’t say that lightly. 

Melissa and her two year old son

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