Transitioning your baby into their own room

Category: Special challenges

baby's room with cot

Transitioning your baby into their own room

Category: Special challenges

Welcome to my first podcast! This was recorded with Mybump2baby’s Carla Lett. They asked me for my thoughts on transitioning a baby into their own room as gently as possible.

While some babies move into their own room without batting an eye, other babies are more sensitive to change and it’s a good idea to prepare them. Setting up the room for good sleep is helpful, especially if they aren’t great sleepers to start with. You can introduce them to any changes one by one during the day, and that way you stand the best chance of them having a good night’s sleep when you move them.

Help with transitioning your baby

If your baby is not a good sleeper you might find they improve when they’re in their own room, but if not it might be time for some sleep support from a sleep consultant like me! If you’d like my support in moving your baby and supporting them through this change, then book a discovery call with me. We can do a gentle plan and improve your baby’s sleep at the same time. You won’t have to stop all the night feeds if you don’t want to, and you’ll be there supporting your baby through the changes.

Find out more info in my podcast below, with advice for parents on;

White noise

Blackout blinds


Setting up your baby’s room

Safe sleep

Preparing your baby

How to transition your baby to their own room if you are co-sleeping

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Many thanks to Carla Lett for being so nice to me, I was incredibly nervous 😬😂

Here’s the link, enjoy!


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